VIDEO: MC Kats Bashed for Cozying Up with Mystery Babe in Instagram Vid

MC Kats (L) and little-known babe 'Patricia' (R) with whom he was cozying up.

Popular emcee and TV host, MC Kats is at the receiving end of a fresh wave of bashing after he posted a video of him getting cozy with a lady on Instagram.

The self proclaimed King of the Mic who recently hosted a successful show, took to Instagram on Thursday and posted a video of him with an unknown lady, and the two were all over each other.

In the 36-second long video which was posted with no sound, Kats stands behind the mystery babe rubbing himself on her. He occasionally places his chin on her right shoulder and whispers to her as they smile.

At some point, Kats pecks her on the cheek. The video is recorded at night while the two are at what appears to be a hangout. This cozying takes place in a public space and Kats would have known this.

The lady who goes by @patricia_queen_pee on Instagram commented “had a great time with u boi??❤️”.

But the video has attracted bashing from his followers on the Gram, many criticizing him for being insensitive to his long time lover and songstress, Fille Mutoni (Fille). The two are publicly known to be in an affair and they have kids together. Kats is also manager of Fille the artiste.

What is unclear is why he posted the video, which raises suspicion that this could have been deliberate.

Could it be that he and Fille are done and he intended to get back at her by showing off his new catch, or is this the latest in the stunts celebrities are known for?

Whichever the case it is, his video rubbed many of his fans the wrong way. Some commented saying it wasn’t necessary for him to put up the video while others went as far as attacking his personality.

Fans labelled the emcee several tags including shameless, cheater, insesitive, immature. Others reminded him of an incident at Club Play in 2016 where he was ‘beaten’ by Fille.

Some of the comments faulted Kats for being an attention seeker who only cares about comments on social media more than the woman he claims to love.

One wouldn’t be wrong to say Fille saw this coming when in her latest song ‘Love Again’ she stated that ‘all men are the same – liars’.

In December, while performing at Fik Fameica’s show, Fille announced March 1 as the date for her concert this year.

Whether Kats’ public showcase of his ‘newly found love’ is a stunt aimed at promoting his lover’s song or her concert, we can only keep our fingers crossed.

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