VIDEO: On Comedy Store, Fresh Kid’s Dad Literally Bagged ‘Amazike’

Fresh Daddy (C) with his manager Khaliffa (L) and Comedy Store host Alex Muhangi (R)

They say opportunity knocks once. But it’s only those that are keen and respond to the knock that will reap the benefits. It is also important that you understand how best to milk the best out of opportunity, lest it becomes more like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.

Paul Mutabazi, now popularly known as Fresh Daddy seems to have responded to the knock when his opportunity knocked this year, and he’s savouring it. The father of 7-year-old renowned rapper, Fresh Kid, has in recent weeks made headlines following the controversy surrounding his son’s trip to Dubai.

He received bitter scorn from most Ugandans on social media criticizing him for demanding that he travels with Fresh Kid to Dubai. Many faulted him for becoming a thorn in the son’s side.

Then when everybody else least expected it, Mutabazi released a song, titled ‘Amazike’ which is slang for money (dime).

On Thursday, Fresh Daddy surprised revellers at the weekly comedy themed show ‘Comedy Store’ in Lugogo when he was introduced on stage by host Alex Muhangi as the next performer. The cheering that welcomed him was quite deafening.

He sang (or recited his lyrics) his new song before formally introducing himself.

“You have always about me, this is me. Thank you for the support you have rendered Fresh Kid. I ask that you give the same support to me,” he told the revellers.

Apart from his performance, what was funny was his dress code – a cap, a blazer, a neck tie and white sneakers. Not a bad start for an old-school father who woke up to the pop culture spotlight.

Although his stage performance at the show wasn’t something he can brag about, he was tipped quite handsomely by revellers. It appeared evident that revellers had heeded to the message that his song carries – that he, like his son and every other person, is pursuing money.

The more he was showered with money, the longer he stayed on the stage. Later he strolled through the audience as he sang, collecting more offers.

Interestingly, the father who previously earned a living from pedicure seems unbothered by those who mock his singing potential. In fact when Comedy Store host, Alex Muhangi asked him what he aspires to be, he said he would love to be like singing star Jose Chameleone and Khalifa Aganaga (his manager).

“Did you feel bad that you couldn’t travel with your son to Dubai?” Muhangi asked Mutabazi.

In response, he said he had approached officials at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and he had signed an MoU, with assurances that the son’s Manager would take care of him.

He says he is looking forward to attending the annual UNAA Convention in the U.S a few weeks to come.

The show also featured comedians like MC Mariachi, Amooti, Akite Agnes, Dolibondo and Optional Allan who did a fair job keeping the vibe loud and light.

But the other moment of relish was when BET Award winner, Eddy Kenzo during his performance asked fellow artistes B2C, Grenade (of the Nkuloga fame) and Fresh Daddy to join him on stage. This gang of singers daring Fresh Daddy on trendy dance moves was yet another highlight of the show.

It was Weasel, the remaining half of the singing duo Radio and Weasel, that climaxed the show.

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