VIDEO: Pastor Bugembe Leaves Comedy Store Audience Locked in Worship Mood

Pastor Bugembe (R) with Comedy Store host, Alex Muhangi (L)

It takes a spiritually rooted person to have revelers hanging out at a secular event, some of them tipsy, to raise their arms and praise God.

Even in Jesus’ case, some places proved much more complex when he went fishing for disciples and followers. But who carries the message and how they package it could be the magic wand.

This is why when singer and Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Worship House made his maiden appearance at Comedy Store this week, he didn’t struggle getting the audience in a worship mood.

The Pastor was closing a night that had seen secular artistes like Spice Diana, Toniks, Chosen Blood perform along with a plethora of comedians. He picked his ‘Wanaza’ praise song as the intro and managed to maintain the tempo even after transition. It didn’t take long before many revelers were swinging their arms and choosing with him.

In what seemed like a deliberate attempt to blend in, the religious leader chose a very casual attire (a shirt with folded sleeves and pair of denims) complete with a cap he wore backwards, a genius way of winning the crowd over.

When he stepped off the stage to get up-close to his fans, many reached for their phones to capture the moment.

He tapped the show’s host, Alex Muhangi, on the back, for birthing an idea that has transformed the entertainment industry while giving platform to many.

Muhangi in return thanked the celebrated pastor for accepting to perform on Comedy Store.

Bugembe was in company of a group of kids he introduced to the audience as former criminals whose lives have since been transformed. He said he had brought them to have a light evening.

He entertained the audience to some of his songs including ‘Kani’, ‘Katonda’, ‘Miracle’ before the fired up crowd insisted he sings his worship song ‘Omwoyo We’.

Later, he prayed for Muhangi, comedian MC Mariachi before he prayed a blessing to whoever was in attendance.

The show was well attended.

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