Witness’ Account: Abiriga’s Killers Waylaid Him

Abiriga's yellow Volkswagen Bettle in which he was killed, at the scene of crime (Photo by Nicholas Bamulanzeki)

Murdered Arua municipality legislator, Ibrahim Abiriga was waylaid by his killers who unleashed bullets at his car, an eye witness has revealed.

Abiriga and his bodyguard were shot dead in Kawanda in Wakiso district while he was driving home at around 6:30pm on Friday evening.

While Police are still examining the scene of crime to establish the perpetrators of the gruesome murder, an account by some eye witnesses say the shooter(s) was/were riding on a boda boda.

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An unidentified woman who is resident in the area said that the killers ambushed the MP and shot at his car near Bridge International School in Kawanda.

She said that Abiriga returns home at around 5pm every evening which points to a likelihood that the assailants knew what time he would drive by. The witness was going about her casual work when the incident occurred.

“I saw two people, the dead bodies are two. Because I tried to peep through the behind seats to see if perhaps there could have been kids,” the witness told reporters.

She said that the other person who was driving with Abiriga was dressed in military fatigue.

“I usually see them driving two people in the car”.

She also said that whenever the deceased MP was driving home, kids in the area would run after his yellow Volkswagen Bettle chanting his name.

“Often times, he [Abiriga] would stop and tip them with money,” the witness revealed, adding that “He was a very good man. He never was restrained by the fact that he was NRM and the rest weren’t”.

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“Today, he came driving slowly. And as usual, the kids ran after his car. He then stopped and lowered his car window. I am however not certain whether he gave them money”.

“He had just driven past the kids when the killers shot at his car”.

The car bears about 5 bullet holes in the passenger door, slightly below the window.

The murder of Abiriga and his yet to be identified UPDF bodyguard happened in a similar manner as the assassination of Maj Kiggundu on Entebbe Road and former Police spokesperson, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi together with his bodyguard, Kenneth Erau and driver, Godfrey Wamewo in March last year.

Kaweesi was driving from his home in Kulambiro near Kampala to work in the morning when unknown assailants killed him.

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