Women Tipped on Career Path At PRAU Diva Talk

Speakers and PRAU members who took part in the DIVA Talk on Thursday.

Ann Muhangi Kyoshabire, a life Coach and CEO of Wholesome Consult, has Thursday tipped women on understanding and embracing themselves as they carry on with their dailies.

She was Thursday speaking during an interactive engagement organised by the Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU), a Ugandan umbrella body of public relations professionals, to commemorate this year’s Women’s month at NWSC innovation centre in Bugolobi.

She said there is need for creating an environment that empowers women to believe in themselves and make choices that enable them to match with their counterparts, the men, saying this begins with them (women) understanding why they engage in different activities.

She says women have got to understand who they are, their purpose and find out whether it really fits in their career path as well as the things they do, saying if their is no match, then they are likely to easily be demoralised by simple shortcomings.

“We are beautiful women, we are hardworking, we are divas. Please go and define who you are and this comes from here; what are the things you love, why was I created, what do I seek in life, why am I doing the job I am doing, why am I in this relationship. The Why will bring passion and clarify,” she said.

She said women ought to strike a balance between themselves and their spiritual life, health, family, relationships, community and personal finances on which she said women must initiate income generating activities and supplement on those of their husbands and partners.

“You can not tell me that you will live a balanced life and your career on a right path if you are not financially stable,” Muhangi said, adding “Do you have a written budget? Do you save? Do you have passive income? Emergency fund? What is your retirement plan?”

She further advised them to stick to only things that matter to them and let those they can’t control go.

“The past causes headache or heartache, the future causes anxiety. Dump negative thoughts and live from the heart. Deliberately introduce positive energy to your life,” Muhangi said.

“We have been taught to lead people with an iron fist, to shout and back at. When you start leading with love, you cut people some slack, you become a better communicator and serve better”.

On her part, the Association’s President Sarah Kagingo, thanked members for their “continued participation and enthusiasm towards PRAU activities.”

She said the event was an opportunity to enable a start of the conversation for a complimentary role of men and women towards excellence.

“Our plan in putting together this was to use this day to trigger conversation that drives inspiration, both for men and women. We believe that we all need to push and inspire each other along this path towards professional excellence,” Kagingo said.

She added that the membership of the association is steadily growing and revealed that the association has prepared several activities for this year, one of them being today’s PRAU Diva Talk.

Other activities lined up she said include PRAU Home fundraiser on May 21, PRAU CEO Breakfast on June 14, PRAU Boot Camp on July 27and 28 and PR Summit and Launch Award on August 1.

Annual general meeting and PRAU Excellence awards to be held in the first week of September and November 8 respectively.

The event saw many top public relations officers attend, including Parliament’s publicist, Hellen Kaweesa.

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