365 Days Later: A Letter to Mowzey Radio, from a Fan

Mowzey Radio performing on Comedy Store in December 2017 (Photo: Nelly Salvatore).

By Zamboki Lincoln Jr

For 10 solid years, you were this bright young talent for whom the sky was the limit. With 11 albums and over 220 songs and still going strong, your career’s sunny outlook was suddenly extinguished by a volley of gathering clouds. Clouds of fate that came by way of a bar brawl that could have been avoided.

Today, we look back at the months gone by – all 12 of them including January that has 12 months of its own – lost in an eerie stupor and wondering what trajectory your career would have taken. Your average of a new song every fortnight may not be beaten in a long time, and your tutelage remains unmatched.

A lot has happened since you left, Mowzey. Deep-set eyed Julie Mutesasira and silky-voiced Jackie Ssenyonjo have since fled the country for greener pastures while Jackie Chandiru left rehab and is still trying to resurrect her career and  with lots of hope in ‘kinda’ faded Chameleone to resurrect her career.

The guys you mentored and those who looked up to you still hold you in high esteem. Yesse Oman Rafiki, perhaps the most brilliant of them so far, continues to soar. He was responsible for an estimated 40% of the bangers in the last 12 months.

The other of your protegees should have been King Saha, and he, too, has since taken the industry by storm; so much that some observers accuse him of singing your unreleased songs. But we, the guys who appreciate progress, know that he’s always had talent of his own.

He’s since improved his song-writing skills too, going on to eke a living out of it; perhaps as one of his side business. In 12 months of your conspicuous absence, Mowzey, Saha has written no less than six songs for other artistes. Such has been his improvement that many now see him as your natural heir in the dynamic partnership that you had forged with Weasel.

A new wave of legislation has since brewed a storm in the industry. Laws enacted in prehistoric Uganda have since been resurrected while others have had new clauses inserted to tighten the restrictions around the world of performing arts. Mowzey do you know in the next few years if these laws are put in place nobody will be allowed to perform under the influence of Alcohol? Imagine missing on your club beer before vibing on the ‘Romantic Call’.

Mwana your life was cryptic, and one not every outsider could second-guess what your next move was going to be. But we’ve seen the squabbles over what should have rightly been yours. Your family. Your property. Your music. The world turned against Weasel, Mowzey. They do not want him to sing your songs. Songs that you and he created at the peak of your creativity. Can you imagine recently it was tag of war to even to hold a listeners party on your birthday? But Weasel is a fighter, he held it and it was a success.

Please reach out to Lillian Mbabazi. Whisper some lyrics to her in her sleep so we can wake up to new music and a new Lillian. She has the vocal finesse to make it big. She could do with your timely intercession.

Munange Mowzey nkugambeki nze, do you remember Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga, that no nonsense army man? That guy nearly killed the self proclaimed Minister of widows Catherine Kusasira after playing loud music in a 234kms radius away from his American son & as usual the police is still making investigations yet he already admitted to shooting the car tyres. Still wondering if they are investigating about the direction and the speed of the bullet in km/h.

Mowzey, your girl Spice Diana had a successful concert, Fik Fameica is still on the run after citizens showed him no mercy on his Music journey concert, Hellen Lukoma introduced, the pencil sized tycoon Bryan White went somehow mute, New entrant John Blag is roaring musically like 13 years old adolescent, Juliana has a new hit, Bobi Wine’s tuliyambara engule was banned on all media stations, Promoter Balaam still has the same T-Shirt he was putting on your burial and Weasel has released a new tune dubbed God’s Mercy.

Btw Mowzey, I sent to you my letter on 19th Nov, 2018. Did you see it? I keep consoling myself that you saw it but may be you have issues with OTT and you can’t reply. But I will still stay on my script.

Otherwise your music continues to shine. And your songs continue to enjoy massive airplay. You are the legend you’d have loved to turn out. You may be long-departed from us, but we still have your works at heart.

Lastly have you ever met that son of Joseph, Jesus? Does he have plans to come back on this planet? Do those people close to the God’s family ever talk about resurrection day? You know My Dad is that side also, way back in 2008 he went with his bald head to be with the Lord and like you I still miss him greatly. Always check around those volley ball courts because the way he loved it, he must be doing evening practices with other sons of Abraham and if Lucky Dube ever makes a concert, Look no further. He will be somewhere in the stands if not the promoter.

May you keep resting perfectly & May your legacy shine on, Mowzey Radio.

Yours, Eternal Fan.

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