Chameleone Separates With Wife, Daniella: What Could Have Gone Wrong?

Chameleone and Daniella

A decade after they exchanged wedding vows during a flashy ceremony, music star Jose Chameleone and long time wife, Daniella Atim have separated.

Chameleone confirmed this on his Facebook on Sunday.

“Everything has an end,” the ‘Mateeka’ singer and father of 5 wrote in an emotional note.

He said he had failed to be the best he could be and that God will always be there for them.

“We need to live beyond our egos,” he said.

It seems the differences between the couple whose marriage was sometime last year faced with a legal intent (by Daniella) to divorce has reached the tipping point.

Last year, media reports had it that Daniella had filed for divorce following what was said to have been a pattern of physical abuse on the part of Chameleone. She said that Chameleone often assaulted her when he came back late in the night, drunk.

Later, Chameleone indeed revealed in a TV interview that he and the wife had been going through a challenging time. He said that Daniella had separated with him and taken their children for a full month.

He revealed that the time when Daniella was away, most of his friends had deserted him and that he went through a lot of stress.

Asked what was the cause of the brief separation, Chameleone said it had to do with his behavior – returning home late and alcohol consumption.

“I love my wife and I get worried whenever we get an misunderstanding. But people must know that I’m not an angel,” he said at the time during an interview with NTV Uganda.

His troubles began while he prepared for his ‘Hit After Hit’ concert in July 2017.

“I started coming home late because I was always in studio. The person who used to come home early, I began to return as late as 4am, 5am and eventually 12noon (the following day)”.

This meant that the singer would sometimes not have time for his children for days, either because he was sleeping or out to work when they returned home.

The late coming later was coupled with his consumption of alcohol which further angered Daniella, as whenever Chameleone got home, he became aggressive and violent.

“Everyone [musician] has stuff they use while in studio. In my case, it was whisky. But like every drunk person, whenever I got home, I shouted about almost everything”.

“She [Daniella] noticed that the Joseph she married wasn’t the Joseph she was seeing now,” the singer said in the same 2017 interview.

Such behaviour might have been far from what Daniella who was raised in a strong religious family expected from a husband. Daniella was brought up by Fr John Scalabrini, a Catholic priest of Italian decent who presided over the couple’s wedding ceremony in June 2008.

It is this character that had forced Daniella to walk away to her parents’ home together with her children. Later, Chameleone had to apologize and promise his wife that he would change his behavior.

The latest separation can only imply that perhaps, little did change ever since Chameleone got a second chance last year.

“I let you be be Daniella. God bless you always. I can’t prove my self more than I have. Only losers will prove. You have been everything but enough is enough. I wish you the best,” the singer said on his post today.

He said he was heartbroken but that a decision had to be taken.

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