Did Catherine Kusasira Give Up on Case Against Kasirye Gwanga?

Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga (L) and singer, Catherine Kusasira (R).

Last week, the tyre of a car belonging to musician, Catherine Kusasira, was allegedly shot by Maj Gen (Rtd) Kasirye Ggwanga after a quarrel between the General’s children and Kusasira’s aides over the loud music which was in the singer’s car.

The ex-soldier would later come out to admit that he indeed shot at the tyre claiming the singer’s ‘husband’ attacked his son, and Kusasira failed to give him a listening ear when he intervened to interrogate the matter. He said the singer undermined and insulted him.

A day later, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, confirmed the incident and that the case was registered under SD reference 107/29/1/2019 at Katwe Police station before adding that investigations into the matter were ongoing.

However, speaking to reporters at the Central Police Station in Kampala, Police Spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, said that Kusasira has never returned to Police to explain what exactly transpired despite Police efforts to reach her.

“We want to inform you that since this incident happened, musician Catherine Kusasira has up to date not come to Police to make a statement which can enable us to find out what took place on that day,” he said.

Enanga added that “Catherine went to different media stations and said a lot of things but on the outside (Police), we recommend that when such incident happens, one should come out and put his/her statement in writing instead of talking from outside.”

He says making a statement would help Police to do thorough investigations into the matter saying that it is her who knows the people who were on her car not the Uganda Police.

The Police Spokesperson further called upon people who could have been affected by the incident to come out since the case was reported at Katwe Police station.

He says if they do, Police will seek guidance from the DPP on whether they can continue with the case without Kusasira’s statement.

Gwanga is not new to shooting controversy. In 2013, he threatened to shoot police officers when they stormed the farm of his junior brother Angelo Kasirye to allegedly exhume the remains of Livingston Lubega who was reportedly buried there.

Lubega reportedly disappeared in 1985. Gwanga pitched camp in the farm with his AK-47 rifle and threatened to shoot the officers should they fail to find the remains. Some bones were recovered from the farm.

He also refused to leave a residential house in Makindye where Police and the Military wanted him evicted on claims that he was illegally occupying it. It this house that still pits this controversial retired military officer.

In 2017, he burnt down a tractor on land he said belonged to him but wasn’t charged of any offence then.

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