FDC MPs Speak Out on Muntu’s Exit

L-R: MPs Nandala Mafabi, Paul Mwiru and Kaps Fungaroo.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Secretary General, Nathan Nandala Mafabi has given a green light to former party President, Gen (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu on a decision he has taken to leave the party.

Mafabi told SoftPower News that FDC as a party is an open entity with free entry and exit to every Ugandan.

Yesterday, the media was awash with reports that the former party President had finalised with his consultations and decided to exit the party.

Accordingly, Muntu is expected to make a pronouncement tomorrow, Thursday, on the way forward and it is anticipated that he may register a new party which might attract a number of FDC legislators.

“FDC is not a command party, there is free exit and entrance and general Muntu is free including all those members that would like to leave,” Mafabi said.

But Mafabi said that Muntu’s move leaves alot to be desired given the fact that he has made the decision after having lost the Presidency to Patrick Amuriat Oboi in the last party elections.

“Gen. Muntu ought to respect the decision made by the party members when they voted against him in favor of Patrick Oboi Amuriat as the party President. All he (Muntu) had to do is to work hand in hand with the new leadership for the prosperity of their party other than fronting selfish interests,” Mafabi said.

Meanwhile, the party Deputy spokesperson, Paul Mwiru noted that not much can be discussed now in regard to Muntu’s decision until the reasons for his exit have been established.

Obonji County MP, Hassan Kaps Fungaroo noted that Muntu like any other Ugandan has a right to his decision but asked him to continue furthering the cause for regime change.

“Muntu is free to leave the party in case he feels his aspirations can nolonger be achieved but let’s remain on the target of removing the current bad regime,” Fungaroo said.

Fungaroo said that, “Let there be a period of reflecting on our path as the opposition and this is what some of us are doing.”

“If Muntu has decided, let him go because he may have seen that there is nothing more he is adding any value to the party but should not do any mistake of rejoining NRM”.

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