I Won’t Kneel Before Museveni – Bobi Wine on Blocked Concert

Bobi Wine and other opposition supporters during campaigns in Arua in August.

Bobi Wine has said that he will not cow to the intimidation by President Yoweri Museveni and his regime, after Police blocked another one of his shows where the singer was due to perform on Boxing Day.

This is the latest of the music concerts involving Bobi Wine that have been blocked by Police in recent months. Police give failure to comply with the legal procedure as justification for cancelling the shows.

The singer posted on Christmas Day that the show scheduled to take place at Ggaba beach had initially been cleared but that it was later cancelled upon learning that he was featured.

“Earlier today, a Christmas music show that had been cleared by the police at Ggaba beach was immediately disrupted and blocked by soldiers and police the moment they learnt that I was one of the artistes going to perform,” Bobi Wine said on Tuesday.

He said that a few minutes past midnight, “hordes of soldiers” had been dropped by military trucks in Busabala.

“They have surrounded my premises at One Love Beach, where we were organizing a Boxing Day show later today,” he said.

In another post on Wednesday, Bobi Wine described the continued cancellation of the concert as cowardly.

“Through these actions, you [Museveni] are revealing who you truly are- a brutal, cold and cowardly despot. You think you are hurting me and my dependents by blocking my sources of income, but you should know that the world is watching,” Bobi Wine wrote on his Facebook.

He said that he was ready to sacrifice the show on Boxing Day which he has held every year, “if this is one of the many sacrifices I have to make for believing in justice and freedom”.

“I will assure you once again that your intention to break my resolve through harassment and intimidation will certainly fail. I shall not kneel before you,” the Kyadondo East legislator vowed.

He says that the acts of Police are in contempt of the institution of Parliament which recently condemned the curtailment of his individuals rights.

“We should not forget that Parliament last week passed a resolution against these illegal and repressive actions. But that resolution is being held in contempt, like they do to court orders and the very Constitution of this land”.

The ‘Kyarenga’ singer wondered why his fellow artistes would continue to hold music shows uninterrupted. He said that the fact that President Museveni advertised Bebe Cool’s ‘Mutima gwa Zaabu’ show on Boxing Day implues that one has to lick the President’s feet or be his sycophant for them to be allowed to work.

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