“I’m Restricted from My Client” – Nixon Agasirwe’s Lawyer Tells Court

Nixon Asingwirwe descending from a truck to court

Frank Kanduho, one of the lawyers representing Nixon Agasirwe, ACP Joel Aguma and 7 others acussed of kidnapping two Rwandan citizens has asked court to intervene in the conduct of some military policemen who restrict him from meeting his client.

The nine police officers including those at Senior level were apprehended in October by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and have since been detained.

Kanduho who was bitter on appearing before court martial chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti informed court on Monday that on several occasions, he has represented senior army officers but he has never experienced what he has been subjected to in this particular case.

“I have represented people like Col (Rtd) Shaban Bantariza, Brig Michael Indigo and other army officers at various ranks but who is Agasirwe that am restricted to see?” a concerned Kanduho wondered in his submissions on Monday.

Senior Superintendent of Police Nixon Agasirwe is the former Special Operations Unit boss at the imfamous Nalufenya police detention facility in Jinja which many detainees have described as a torture chamber.

Agasirwe and some other two Senior officers are alleged to have been involved in numerous illegal operations including an aggravated robbery and murder of an Eritrean businessman, Deniel Weldo who was killed in 2016.

His killers then tried to steal two million euros (Shs 8bn) from his account operated in Stanbic bank.

Kanduho added that an accused person has a right to see his legal counsel but in his case, he has often been barred from accessing Agasirwe at both the miltary barracks and court martial cells.

“I have been subjected to vigorous checking to the extent that even my private parts have been checked,” the lawyer told court..l

The court chairman Lt Gen Andrew Gutti in reply to this has assured him that this wont reoccur and also stated that nobody should stop him from meeting his client.

By the time of publication, court was hearing bail applications for some of the cussed persons. SoftPower News will update you in due course.

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