Inside the Suspension of Arua DPC and West Nile Police Commander

The Regional Police Commander (RPC) for West Nile, Jonathan Musinguzi

On Wednesday, this website reported that the President had issued orders for the Regional Police Commander for West Nile, Jonathan Musinguzi to pack his bags and leave Arua, following the violent events in the West Nile town in which the motorcade of the President came under attack.

A source within the security revealed to us that Musinguzi had been instructed to leave his post with immediate effect but there was no substantial explanation for the orders.

A day prior, on Tuesday, the Inspector General of Police, Martins Okoth Ochola effected a transfer of the District Police Commander (DPC) of Arua, SP Abbas Ssenyonjo to Masaka district.

Ssenyonjo was replaced by Henry Kintu, formerly the DPC of Masaka.

SoftPower News now understands that the transfer of Ssenyonjo as well as the subsequent sacking of Musinguzi were not coincidental but had to do with the insecurity occasioned by the political happenings that transpired in Arua this week.

On Monday, on the last day of the campaigns for the candidates vying for the Arua municipality Parliamentary seat, supporters of Kassiano Wadri (candidate) allegedly hurled stones at the convoy of the President. As a result, one of the vehicles of the convoy had its rear window destroyed.

But Police in its report about the events said that earlier on Monday, while the President’s motorcade proceeded to Booma grounds for the rally, it was slowed down by a grader Reg No UAP 064R.

Police Spokesperson, SSP Emilian Kayima said that the motive of placing the grader on that spot was to commit a crime and that it was wrapped in the same colors (red ribbons) as the people who later in the evening attacked the Presidential convoy.

From what we have gathered so far, it is clear that the suspension of the Regional Police Commander for West Nile has to do with the negligence and irresponsibility he is believed to have exhibited or actions he allegedly committed and the role of this (negligence or acts) in the attack on the President.

A senior security officer who closely followed the incident in which the President’s vehicle was pelted with stones says, security is concerned that Musinguzi allowed the placement of the grader in the route planned for the President’s use as he left Booma grounds where he addressed the NRM rally in support of Nusura Tiperu.

A reliable source in Police says Musinguzi has been served a letter suspending him. He has also been ordered to report to Police Standards Unit over election mismanagent.

The transfer of Abbas Ssenyonjo to Masaka has also been reversed. He has also been suspended.

Our efforts to contact Jonathan and Abbas were futile as their calls were not answered.

Asked how the Regional Police Commander mismanaged the election, our source said he committed several mistakes.

“He was sacked because he did not explain why the grader was used in campaigns and many other mistakes,” our source who sought to be quoted anonymously said.

“He has been in Arua for 8 years and made several mistakes that have culminated into what happened in Arua. Such officers should be disciplined,” the source stated before adding that Arua borders the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo, an area used by “some neighbouring networks” hostile to Uganda.

“Some of those networks fund agents in Uganda to cause disorder by commiting acts that whip emotions of people. We are dismantling all those networks in defence of Uganda. No where in the world does any body attempt to endanger the life of the President and they are not dealt with.”

Probed to reveal the networks of the neighbouring country that attempts to fan instability in Uganda, our source said, “We know them, we do not play to the gallery, we act. And we are dismantling all their networks as well as those of their agents.”

The same source said that it was with the help of the same networks that MP for Mityana municipality, Francis Zaake escaped from Police custody.

“The life of the President was endangered partly because of the negligence or deliberate acts of the DPC and RPC. And the motive is being investigated,” the source said.

Musinguzi was today served with the letter of suspension by the office of the Police Human Resources Director at the Police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala.

Following the incident in Arua involving the grader, Police wrote to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Central Registry on August 15 seeking the particulars of the grader.

On the same day, URA responded with particulars of the motor grader listing the First Owner as Odong Charles and Current Owner as NABCO Enterprises Uganda Limited.

Museveni in his statement on Wednesday partly blamed the incident that occured on Monday to the weak management by police.

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